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Spicing it up
wolveswithkeys wrote in archjr

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day about how much you could learn about a person just by reading their google searches. While, these are not necessarily architects; I thought was close-enough to warrant joining this blaaaahhhgg.

Great Artists and Their Google Searches

“Leonardo Da Vinci sucks” “Everyone around me is incompetent and sucks” “What jobs can I get my brother” “How do I deal with my incompetent brother?” “Marble” “What to do if I hate the pope” “How can I tell if I’m gay”” “hot + naked + dudes” “How to prove I’m not gay” 

“How to be more assertive about sharing credit” “working with difficult personalities” “Bernini is a jerk” “my hair looks awful all the time” “Everyone likes someone and they suck” “ Vatican Hill core tests” “PSI formulas” “How to deal with popularity” “Bernini is a BIG STUPID JERK” “No one ever pays attention to me” “discount swords” 

“Sketching is for nerds” “How to be a Bad-ass” “Legal advice-Rome” “How to knife fight” “sword carrying rules-Rome” “Is stabbing always fatal?” “Trains out of Rome” “how do I convince people I’m a good person” “How to become a knight of Malta” “getting over guilt” “Legal Advice: Malta” “Newsfeed: Caravaggio, Guilty or Not Guilty” “Cargo ships to Rome 

“Life is a highway-youtube” “What do old people like?” “Cashing out on the elderly” “Ebay” “” “brooks brothers” “custom pools that look like my face” “ “Debt solutions” “Dutch origin” “Damn Kids and their stupid fads” 

Jacques Louis David:
“speech impediments” “Bad-ass Roman Myths” “Revolution activities in my neighborhood” “Marat” “Marat + revolution” “Marat + revolution + awesome” “Charlotte Corday is a filthy whore” “What to do if the tides have turned in your revolution” “how to prove I’m innocent” “Napoleon” “Napoleon + horses + alps + AWESOME” “Napoleon is my best friend” “Mapquest: Paris to Brussles” 

Van Gough:
“Walking on sunshine Lyrics” “craigslist: Houses in southern France” “I’m in love with someone but they don’t love me back” “My roommate hates me” “Christmas gifts for your roommate” “How to stop hemorrhaging” “James Blunt- Goodbye my lover lyrics” “How can I tell if I have syphilis?”

Pablo Picasso
“women” “Picasso” “women in paris” “Pablo+ Picasso” “how to make sure you’re girlfriends don’t find out about each other” “Pablo+ Picasso+ Great Painter” “what do I do if my girlfriend is pregnant” “Pablo + Picasso+ Great Painter + Better Lover” “how can I change the entire course of western culture with one painting?” “Picasso has great abs”


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