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The Architect in Fiction: Its (not really all that) Complicated
wolveswithkeys wrote in archjr

The Architect in Fiction:
Steve Martin as Adam Schaffer in It’s Complicated

So I’m at the movies on February 14th and the choice presents itself, “It’s Complicated” or the aptly named “Valentine’s Day”. Not to knock the full deck of name-brand actors and actresses that committed to “Valentine’s Day” but I was just not in the mood for something saccharine. Winner: It’s Complicated.

So, long story short: a pair of divorcees rekindle their relationship after 10 years of separation, this situation is further complicated by Streep’s attraction to her architect, Adam who is also recovering from a bitter divorce.

As the film goes on we compare the lawyer ex-husband’s convincing spontaneity and sentimentality to the architect’s earnest intelligence and genuine interest. Personally, I really liked this depiction of an architect, especially in comparison to the other fictional architects we’ve seen. In many ways, Adam is the anti-Roark. Sweet and lonely, confident and gun-shy, this is most evident when he embarrassingly confesses: “I’m not as macho as I seem”. Rather than someone with a demanding vision and a moral high-horse, Adam appears as “you’re friendly neighborhood architect.

What is most interesting was that unlike her ex-husband who sees his affair with her as a return to a former way of life, Adam sees this as an opportunity to learn about the person she has become.

The movie itself was maybe about twenty minuets too long. But still overall pretty good.


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